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Subject: Do you want to be a porn star part threeThe following story contains graphic sexual scenes Free Preteen Pics involving adult males.
If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this
story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you
are not allowed to read this story by law.This story is fiction. If the characters in this story resemble anyone in
anyway, it is purely by coincidence.The author (Jeff Hunter) claims all copyrights to this story and no
duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web
sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author.Positive comments are always welcome and you may e-mail them to
Do you want to be a porn star? Part threeThe next morning we both rolled out of bed without jerking off. I arrived
home from work before he did and decided to pull something together for
dinner for both of us. My cell phone rang; it was Trevor.”Hey dude, the waves are awesome. I’m walking home along the beach. Grab
a couple of towels and meet me on the beach,” Trevor said.”Sounds good,” I said. He hung up.I put on a pair of shorts and sandals and grabbed two towels and headed
toward the beach. The surfers were out and dozens of guys were out nude
bodysurfing. I sat on the beach and waited. I could see Trevor about a
quarter mile down the beach walking toward me.”Fuck, do you believe these waves,” he said.”I know. They’re awesome.”We undressed, piled our clothes up and wrapped them in our towels and then
ran into the water. We swam and bodysurfed until we were near exhausted
and then took our last wave in. We grabbed our Free Preteen Pics towels and wrapped
ourselves in them and watched the surfers.On Free Preteen Pics
the way back to the apartment, Trevor said, “Dude, I’ve been thinking
about this stuff we’re doing all day.”My stomach did a somersault. “Really, what have you been thinking about?”"Well, you know in prison a lot of guys have sex with each other and their
not gay, and in the military, those guys sometimes have sex with each
other. I’ve heard of straight marines who do gay movies for money. And
that’s kind of what’s going on with us. Kelly isn’t around and you’re not
dating and we’re thinking about doing this for a video.”"Yeah, that’s true,” I said.”Besides, that was the best fuckin’ blow job I’ve ever had and you’ve got
to do that again for me,” he said and poked me. “I mean, I’ll do you, too.
I don’t know if I can be as good as you are.”"I’m sure you’ll do just fine,” I said and laughed. He poked me hard and
laughed.”I guess we’ll find out when we get back,” he said.I started getting wood. I laughed and said, “Then I’ll race you back,” and
started running. He started running also. As usual he beat me. As Free Preteen Pics we ran
into the driveway of our apartment I said, “You that eager?”He looked at me and then started laughing. “You bastard. I didn’t even
think of that.”As soon as he closed the door behind him, I started undressing. I smiled
at him as I pulled on my pud. He smiled as he began undressing. He smiled
at me and pushed me down onto the sofa and knelt down.”No,” I said. “Let me get you started.” I pushed him down onto the sofa,
knelt down in front of him and grabbed his semi-erect dick and began
sucking it.He moaned, “Oh yeah, fuck, yeah,” as his dick filled my mouth. I licked
the shaft of his dick and then began sucking his balls. “Let’s shave
soon,” I said and smiled.He nodded and then pulled me up to sit on the sofa. He knelt down and took
my dick in his hand and stroked me. “Just tell me when you’re close,” he
said and then began sucking my dick. I nodded, but he didn’t see me.I watched as he licked and sucked on my dick. He was stroking his. He
licked the shaft of my dick and then went back to sucking me. He was
taking me deep into his mouth. I watched as, with each downward thrust of
his head, more and more of my dick disappeared into his throat. I began
moaning. He began playing with my balls.”Trev, I’m getting close,” I said. He kept sucking. He was now using both
his hand and his mouth to make me cum. “I’m really close.” He was sucking
and squeezing my dick harder. I grunted loudly and said, “I’m gonna cum.”
My legs began to shake as I thrust upward. I felt the first shot of my cum
explode into his mouth. He tensed up. The second shot went into his mouth
and then I felt him swallow. He pulled off my dick. The third shot hit
him on the nose and lips. He took my dick back into his mouth and took the
rest of my load and again swallowed.He let my dick fall from his mouth and looked up at me. “I didn’t do as
good as you, did I?”"Dude, that was awesome,” I said smiling. Free Preteen Pics
“How bad Free Preteen Pics
was it for you?”"Actually, it wasn’t bad at all after I swallowed the first time. I
thought it was going to be bad, but it was okay,” he said as he began
stroking his dick. He reached up with his fingers and wiped the cum from
his nose, looked at it and then licked his fingers. He shrugged and said,
“It’s not that bad. I’ll do better next time,” and smiled.”Are you close?” I asked. He nodded. Free Preteen Pics
“One of the scenes ends with one guy
cumming on the other guys face,” I said. He stared at me as I said, “Why
don’t you cum on my face?”"Really? Fuck, that would be fuckin’ hot.” I scooted down onto the floor
with my head resting on the sofa cushion. He knelt down with me between
his legs and continued stroking. I ran my fingers up his thighs and then
over his balls. He moaned and continued stroking.I saw his ball sac pulling tight. I lay my Free Preteen Pics
head back and looked up at him.
He was staring down at me and stroking hard. “Cover my face, dude. Do a
job.” I heard him grunt and then felt a shot of cum hit me on the
forehead, the next landed on my cheek and nose. I opened my mouth wide and
tried to catch the next shot, but it hit me on the chin. He noticed me
trying to get his cum and slid his dick into my mouth where he dropped the
rest of his load as I sucked him dry. Again, he groaned and shook as I
kept sucking on his dick after he stopped cumming.Not being able to take anymore, he pulled his dick from my mouth and sat
down beside me. I listened to him breathing hard as I lay there feeling
his cum moving down from my nose to my lips. He looked over at me and
said, “That was awesome.” He took my face in his hands and turned it
toward him. He laughed and said, “You look good.” I smiled and licked my
lips. He laughed and said, “I don’t know why girls can’t get into this.
It’s not bad at all.”Who needs a girl when you’ve got me? I thought.”I think we should try to practice the scenes,” Trevor said.”You’re really thinking about doing this?”"Maybe,” he said and shrugged. “What about you?”"You said no pressure.”"No pressure.”We had dinner. We had rented a movie a couple days before, but had not
watched it. I grabbed a couple of beers, and started microwaving some
popcorn. I told Trevor that first I wanted to watch the DVD. He said
okay.I handed him a beer and put the popcorn between us. He used the remote to
start the DVD. The scene where Frank was sucking Cory began. I looked at
Trevor and almost objected, but immediately my dick began to move in my
shorts.We sat and watched the whole scene and when we came to the end of the scene
Trevor paused the video and said, “Okay, we’ve got to watch this and see
what he does.” I nodded and took a deep breath. My face was on fire. My
dick was rock hard. He started the video and watched closely. Cory
started to face fuck Frank as he jerked off and then he came all over
Frank’s face. Trevor stopped the video and said, “Okay, I’ve cum on your
face, so we’ve done that.” I looked at him and nodded. “So, I guess you
should cum on mine.” I nodded.He started the next scene. This time Cory is giving Frank a blow job.
Frank starts cumming in Cory’s mouth but then pulls his dick out and gets
the rest on his face and the takes it back in his mouth. I said, “I guess
you kind of did that.”"Yeah, I guess so. Free Preteen Pics So, let’s do this. You blow me,” he said and smiled
real big. “Let me cum in your mouth and then I’ll pull it out and get cum
on your lips and then I’ll push it back in your mouth and then you can lick
it all up.” He looked at me and laughed.”And then I’ll jerk off on your face,” I added and smiled.”Ah, well, yeah, I guess I’m ready for that.” He shrugged, looked a bit put
off and said, “I guess it’s only cum.”"What about the kissing?” I asked. Neither of us mentioned to the other
that the guys kissed after each blow job and during the fuck scenes.”Fuck, I don’t know about that? Fuck.”"I bet if you do this, he’s going to tell you that you have to do it. You
know they kissed in the fuck scenes, too.”"Yeah, yeah, I know. Maybe next time. I’d have to be to really horny I
think. I don’t know. Maybe I should call him and ask him,” he said and
shrugged.”That’s cool.”I took the initiative which is unusual for me. I stood up and pulled off
my shorts. My erection swung in the air as I moved toward him. He
remained slouching on the sofa. I reached for the waistband of his shorts
as he unbuttoned and unzipped them. I pulled them off. I knelt down in
front of him.As I took his dick in my hand, he said, “Fuck, Luke, this is getting a
little scary.”My stomach tensed. “What do you mean?”"Not only am I enjoying this, but I’ve started looking forward to you
sucking my dick. I think about it all day and get boned.” He paused and
then added, “Fuck, dude. I think I’m likin’ getting head better than
getting laid.”I sat back on my legs and said, “Maybe we shouldn’t do this then.”"Are you nuts? It’s not that scary,” he said and laughed.I smiled, leaned forward and began running my tongue up and down the shaft
of his dick stopping at the head so as to run my tongue around the corona.
I looked at his nuts and said, “We have to shave after this.” He smiled
and nodded. I licked his balls and listened to him moan. First, I sucked
his right nut into my mouth and moved it around, then the left. I held
both his nuts in my mouth and used my tongue to move them while I stroked
his dick.He moaned and said, “Oh fuck, please keep doing that,” as he grabbed my
head and held me in place. I could feel his dick becoming rock hard in my
hand. I let his balls fall from my mouth and ran my tongue up his shaft
until the tip of my tongue met the tip of his cock. I looked up at him.
He was looking at me. He thrust his hips upward. His dick moved deep into
my mouth. I closed my mouth around his dick and began sucking him hard.
Bobbing up and down, circling his cock with my tongue and swallowing hard.He put his hand Free Preteen Pics at the back of my head and began guiding my pace. I
stopped stroking my dick. I was very close to cumming. Just having him
shoving his big dick into my throat and listening to him moan, was enough
to make me cum. I felt his dickhead swelling as it passed deep into my
throat. He moaned loudly. He wrapped his legs around me and arched his
back upward. He took hold of his cock and was stroking the shaft as he
began to grunt. He was about to cum. I desperately wanted it all.He grabbed a handful of my hair and then pushed me down on his cock and
held me there. I felt his cum stream down my throat. Then he pulled me
off his dick and held my head in place. A shot of cum exploded against my
lips and nose. The next shot hit my forehead. He pushed his dick hard
against my cheek and kept cumming and then said, “Open your mouth.” I did
as he thrust his hips upward and his dick into my mouth where he dropped
the rest of his load. I was locked tightly between his legs. He was
holding my head by the hair and pushing me down on his dick. His body was
in spasms and I loved every minute of it.My body was on fire. My senses were in overload. The grip he had on my
hair was almost painful, but I loved it. The smell of his cum dripping
from my nose made the taste of his cum more intense. I felt used and
didn’t want it to stop. I kept sucking. He kept moaning.He again pulled me off his cock and turned me so that he could see my face.
We both looked at each other. He looked like a half satiated animal. I’m
sure I looked hungry. He used his dick to wipe the cum from my cheek and
then moved my head toward his dick. I used my tongue to clean his cum from
his dick. He moaned again and again wiped cum from my face with his dick.
And, again I licked him clean. He was still hard and I was getting close.I moved off his dick and began to stand up. He looked uncomfortable. I
stood on the sofa straddling him. I said, “Just say no if you don’t want
me to.”I could feel him jerking himself as he said, “Do it.”I grabbed hold of him by the hair and held him in place as I squatted so as
to get myself close to his mouth and face. As I did, to my surprise, he
opened his mouth. I squatted down over his face so that my balls lay on
his mouth. He licked my balls as I jerked myself. My legs began to shake
so hard I thought I’d Free Preteen Pics
fall. He grabbed my legs to steady me. I moaned
loudly, pulled back and shot my load all over his face, getting several
shots onto his lips and into his mouth. Then I thrust my dick deep into
his throat and slowly fucked his face. Again, to my surprise, I heard him
moaning as he massaged my dick with his tongue.I collapsed onto the sofa. My legs were shaking from squatting through my
orgasm. I glanced at Trevor and smiled. He looked at me and said, “What?”"You look good with cum on your face.”He grabbed my pubic hair and pulled. I yelled and laughed and rolled onto
the floor.After we showered, and we showered together for the first time, we found a
pair of scissors and began trimming each other’s pubes. Then we lathered
up each other’s ass cracks and carefully shaved each other working our way
around to the balls sac. We decided to use the scissor to cut as much hair
off our balls and dick shaft as possible and then use the razor. It took
us about an hour. We each swore that if one of us cut the other it was
death for him. Oddly, each of us got boned as we shaved each other’s balls
and dick.Once we were shaven clean we realized we had to trim back even more pubic
hair. By the time we were done we each stood proudly in front of the
mirror and admired our new look.I said, “Damn, I don’t think I’ll half mind sucking your balls now.”Trevor said, “You didn’t look like you half minded when I had a bush. Now
you should be in pig’s heaven,” and laughed. I laughed, too, but I felt
frightened by the truth of what he said. I think he noticed my reaction
and said, “Dude, I’m kidding. We’re both just taking care of each other.
I know that.” I nodded.That night all I could think about as I lay in bed was Trevor fucking me.
I’d played with my ass before and each time I’d gotten one finger knuckle
deep into my butt I stopped because it started to hurt. How the fuck was I
going to get his seven inch dick deep into me. Practice.The next day I took the afternoon off from work again, jumped into my car
and drove into Goleta to one of those sex shops. My heart was pounding as
I opened the door. I don’t know what I was so afraid of, but I was
sweating. I decided my cover would be that I was there to buy lube and
condoms. But, in truth, I was there to buy a dildo. I walked around
checking out the movies, the different kinds of condoms and lube, but
eyeing the area where the dildos hung on the wall. My plan was to buy
something small to get used to having something up my ass.I finally made my way over to the wall of toys. What the fuck. These
things are huge. I continued eyeing the wall. I guess my mouth was
hanging open. I kept scanning the wall for something I could use when a
very attractive, lean, tall young guy with the most beautiful blue eyes
walked up to me and said, “Can I help you find something.”I blushed and stammered, “Ah, well, I.” I shrugged.”Have you ever used one?” I shook my head. “Is this for you?” I nodded
and turned bright red. “Cool. Well, is this your first attempt?” he
asked.That’s a nice way to Free Preteen Pics
say it, I guess. “Definitely,” I answered.”These are probably a bit large for a first time,” he said.”That’s what I Free Preteen Pics
was thinking,” I said and smiled. My knees were about to
give out.”We have some over here,” he said pointing to the counter. I followed. He
slid open a cabinet door and took three out. “This one is the thinnest and
shortest. It’s really just so you can gain confidence. You probably don’t
need to go this small, but you might want to think about it.” I nodded.
“The next is a little longer,” he said holding it. “And it’s softer,” he
said as he bent it back and forth. I nodded. “It’s really what you want
to start with if you are serious.”He handed it to me. I was still hot and sweating. I held it and bent in
and then put it down.”Are you trying to get ready for the real thing?” he asked nicely. I
nodded. “How big is he?”I swallowed hard. I thought I was having an out-of-body experience. I
couldn’t believe I was standing here talking to a guy about any of this.
“He’s seven inches.”"How thick is he?”I had no idea what to say or what to do to show him. I heard myself say,
“About the same as me,” and then thought I’d pass out.He smiled and said, “Well, unless you’re willing to show me, I have no idea
how thick that is,” and then smiled.”Sorry, I don’t know how to answer that. I’ve never thought about how
thick dicks are.”He smiled and said, “You will,” and laughed. I laughed, too. He said,
“Well, you could take a look at mine and then we could go from there.” I
guess I looked scared or shocked because he quickly said, “Just kidding.”
He handed me the third dildo and said, “Grab this and see how it compares.”I wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed. He watched. I said, “Yeah,
that feels about right,” and looked into his eyes. Nerves and all, I felt
my dick getting hard.”Well, let’s see. I’d buy the first one that I showed you just so you Free Preteen Pics can
get accustomed to having something inside you and not having to struggle.
I’d buy this second one which is longer but still on the thin side. You
know to get used to the length.”"Okay,” I said.”I think we should find something about as thick as you’re Free Preteen Pics boyfriend and
you, but I think we should get you something that’s seven inches.” I
glanced at him. “Just to gain confidence so you can relax when the time
comes.” I took a deep breath and nodded. He found one and handed it to
me. It had two balls attached to it. “That should do,” he said. Then he
asked, “How big are you?”I answered without thinking, “Eight inches,” and then blushed again.”Nice,” he said and smiled. “You know we do casts here.”"What’s that?” I asked.”We do a casting of your hard-on. Well, actually, I do a casting of your
hard-on. We get you hard, we pour a mold which hardens in about five
minutes. We let it set for a day and then we pour a liquid rubber and make
a dildo that is an exact replica of your dick. You can give it to your
boyfriend for his birthday.”I began to laugh. “You’re kidding me, right?”He opened the cabinet and took out this kit and showed me. Then he took
out a dildo and handed it to me. It looked a lot like my dick. “Cool,” I
said.”It’s mine,” he said. I looked at him and put it down. He looked at me
and laughed. “No, it’s not mine like the one I use. It’s mine - that’s a
cast of my dick.”I looked at him and then picked it up again and looked at it. “Oh nice,” I
said, and then felt myself blushing again. I pulled myself together,
looked at him and said, “Nice piece of meat. You’re almost as Free Preteen Pics
big as I
am.” We both smiled at each other.He said, “So, when you’re ready, all you have to do is buy the kit. If I
do it for you, the labor is free.”I smiled, “How do you stay hard while that stuff is being poured on your
dick and then hardening.”"You let me do it and I promise you, you’ll stay hard,” and laughed.I nodded and said, “I’ll remember that. Anyway, I’ll take the small one,
the in between one and the big one.”He described different positions to get into that would make insertion
easier. He told me about how to lube the dildo and my butt hole, how to
relax, how to insert it and how to move it around. He promised that it
would be tough to start with, but before long I’d be enjoying it. I paid
for everything: three dildos, a dozen condoms and Free Preteen Pics two different kinds of
lube.When he handed me my change he put out his hand and said, “My name is
Jimmy. I’m here most days.” We shook hands.I said, “My name is Luke, and thank you. I guess I seem like a dork.”"A hot dork,” he said and smiled. “But soon you’ll just be hot.” He
smiled and walked me toward the door. “If you need any further help, feel
free to come in. We have a back room here. I can give you personal
instructions, or if you need, I can give you a demonstration.”I felt my legs weaken and butterflies in my stomach. Free Preteen Pics I looked at him and
laughed and said, “You’re kidding me, again.”With all seriousness he said, “Not at all. We pride ourselves on customer
service,” and smiled at me. “Like I said, if you need help or a
demonstration, come in after three when Sam is here to relieve me, and I’d
be happy to help you out.” I nodded.I left the store. Put everything in the trunk of my car. Sat down behind
the wheel and took a deep breath. My shirt was stuck to my back. My dick
was hard. A demonstration? Fuck! My dick began to thicken. Fuck! A
casting? No way. Free Preteen Pics What the fuck would I do Free Preteen Pics
with a dildo of my dick? I
stared at the door. Fuck! After three. Fuck.

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